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Financial Planning

One of the most critical aspects in successful planning is the analysis of your entire financial picture. From reviewing existing wills, to setting up college funding, to analyzing retirement and estate plans, everything plays an integral role in realizing your long term goals.

The road to an appropriate strategy is a detailed step by step process which begins with comprehensive fact gathering followed by a concentrated analysis by our team. Once completed, recommendations and solutions are discussed to implement the financial plan.

Our experienced staff can confidently handle your tax, retirement, investment, and estate planning needs. Being an independent planner and investment advisor means that our options to fulfill your requirements with a plan that you can feel comfortable with are vast. Our professional expertise can relieve your concerns for a secure future.


Portfolio Management

Wise investment selections can be difficult in today's complicated world. Without a financial plan or specific goals in place, investing can become unstructured. An organized portfolio is important. As a registered investment advisor, we can provide advice and recommend investment vehicles appropriate for your individual situation.

Periodic supervision is required to verify that the portfolio is staying "on track" with the intended goals. We are able to accomplish this with a state of the art portfolio management system and research tools which track investments more efficiently. Our clients receive review consultations to analyze portfolio performance, discuss changes, and reaffirm or update their goals.


Eldercare Planning

Another crucial service that we perform is to help families plan for the potential costs of nursing home and/or home health care. The following represent some of the estate planning techniques that we may propose, working with our client's other advisors:

  • Living Will

  • Health Care Directive

  • Medicaid Eligibility through Gifting

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Living Trust

  • Irrevocable Trust

  • Long Term Health Care Coverage


Corporate Services

The retirement plan is the cornerstone of financial security for most business owners and their employees. As such, it is critical that the retirement plan be properly designed, implemented, administered, and communicated to the employees. One of our fundamental services is the design, installation and administration of "qualified" plans, those that meet federal requirements for favorable tax treatment, allowing employers to make tax deductible contributions and employees to earn tax deferred benefits. In addition to the design and implementation of qualified plans, we also design and oversee our clients' pension plan investment portfolios, including tracking investment funds and evaluating and reporting on returns.

One of the greatest challenges for today's employer is to provide an employee benefits package that includes quality, affordable health care coverage. We put our considerable experience in this field to work on delivering alternatives to our clients. We evaluate the design of different benefit packages to help achieve the best possible pricing structures.


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