Safety of Assets

It is not uncommon for our clients to ask us if their money is safe….and we don’t mean from market losses. We are referring to the supposed reputable advisors that may turn out not to be very reputable at all. We want to share with you some basic ‘tips’ that you should always follow.

  1. Be certain that your assets are held by a custodian independent of the advisor.
  2. Never make an investment check payable to the advisor. It should always be made out to the custodian of your assets.
  3. Look for SIPC protection on your account. This insurance typically insures accounts against fraud up to $500,000. Many custodians purchase additional insurance above this $500,000 level.
  4. Check the advisors registrations. Are they with the state or the SEC? Their registrations are public documents and can be accessed on the internet. You can see via this information if there are any disclosures that you as an investor should know about.
  5. Check to see if there are any complaints relating to that advisor. You can access OR OR


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